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I've been a member of the KCC for over 50 years now and truely enjoyed showing off my wonderful companions. See a few of them here as well as take a little peek back in time.

Four Collies FOUR COLLIES. Exhibited at Keystone Collie Club, Inc's FIRST Specialty Show.
Pat Shyrock (Starkweather), Haveford, PA
Josephine Wilson, Bucks County, PA
June Newbery, Drexel Hill, PA
Dot Simpson, Springfield, PA
Photo by Katherine M. Mather, Newton Road, Newton Square, PA.

Best of Breed BEST OF BREED. "Blue" puppy at the Philadelphia Dog Fanciers under Judge Tom Stevenson.

Best of Breed puppy. BEST OF BREED. Dot Simpson with her "Blue" puppy that just won Best Of Breed at Tri County Collie Breeders Association.

Blue & Tri circa 1970 BLUE & TRI 1970. Dot Simpson with one of her "blue" and one of her "tri" colored dogs. The date on the back of the photo was February 27, 1970.

Valley Forge 1973 VALLEY FORGE 1973. Here we see yet another of Dot's blue dogs winning Best Of Variety at the Valley Forge Kennel Club's show on September 23, 1973.

FIRST SPECIALTY SHOW 1952. This is a newspaper clipping about the Keystone Collie Club holding it's first Specialty show. After some research and a little math we've come to the conclusion that this would have been in 1952. We reasoned that since the club was started around 1944. After allowing for a year or two of the club finding it's "direction" six years later would give us 1952. To help support that theory, in May of 2008 we will be holding our 56th Specialty Point Show. So doing a little math, 2008 - 56 = 1952, and we have a conclusion we can feel safe in saying is correct.

Trophies TROPHIES. Just a few of the first trophies Dot won with her outstanding collies.

Sable BEST OF VARIETY. Here we see Dot Simpson showing off one of her rough sable collies that just won Best of Variety in 1979.