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We live in a suburban neighborhood in Eastern Pennsylvania - USA. When I was younger my family had collies, as well as a few other breeds, growing up out in the Midwest. After many years without a collie we met a friend who breeds collies and purchased one of her loving puppies. That was Cooper and he turned out to be the booster shot that started us down the happy road of collie lovers.

Cooper as a puppy THIS IS "COOPER" as a puppy. Marguerite McGrath was the breeder of him and prior to us getting him his name was "Thomas Jefferson". He was one of six boys in that litter out of Clandaras Capture the Moment by CH Blu Ridge Sealore Undercover. Since the litter was born on the Fourth of July Marguerite decided it would be neat to name the pups after the founding fathers, so there was Patrick Henry | George Washington | Alexander Hamilton | Thomas Jefferson | Ben Franklin and John Adams in this particular litter.

Cooper at 2 years old THIS IS "COOPER" when he was 2 years old. He is still living with us in Nazareth, PA. He is quite the charmer. He'll do anything Mommy wants him to do ... other than that, he takes his time to think about something before he decides to do it or not. Morgan, Steve and Bonita's Daughter, is currently training him in Obedience and is doing wonderful. Yet another SMART Collie in the Lehigh Valley!

Kya looking down from her grooming table. THIS IS "KYA". This picture was taken while she was on a grooming table at her very first match show held in Allentown, PA. It was inside Agricultural Hall at the Allentown fairgrounds.

Kya with her handler Parker. THIS IS "KYA" shown with our son Parker. It was both Kya's and Parker's first match show together. Parker did a great job handling Kya and Kya did a great job showing off for the judge and spectators. They came away from the show with a multitude of ribbons.

Macy THIS IS "MACY". She is our first blue-merle and we love her to death. She is also the boss of the house.